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Reach alumni of Dutch education institutions through the Holland Alumni network.

The Holland Alumni network is a platform for international alumni, students, and interns, as well as Dutch education institutions, embassies and organisations. Through the network they can exchange knowledge, information, and contacts.

Every year over 110,000 international students are enrolled in Dutch educational programmes. These Holland Alumni are future key decision makers and promoters of Dutch education. As ambassadors of the Netherlands, they can also open economic and diplomatic doors.

With the Holland Alumni network we encourage our alumni to stay in touch with the Dutch and each other. We also strive for a national alumni strategy, together with other key stakeholders, as described in our position paper:

A national alumni strategy‌ (244.7 kB)

What can we do for you?

You're a student or alumn of a Dutch institution

Check out what the Holland Alumni network can offer you on www.hollandalumni.nl/info-students-alumni.

You're an employee at a Dutch higher education institution

Do you work at a higher education institution? Then you can keep in touch with your alumni through the network in your own community or via the global network. You can also use the platform to exchange information and share best practices with your colleagues in the field of alumni relations.

Create your own community or join existing communities by requesting an organisation account.

You're embassy or consular staff

Do you work at a Dutch embassy abroad? Would you like to get in touch with alumni in your country? We have communities to help you with this.

Check the community overview and request an organisation account.

No country community yet for your part of the world? Get in touch with us to learn about the possibilities of creating one: alumni@nuffic.nl.

You're part of an organisation

If your organisation would like to use the platform for publishing vacancies or organising events, please get in touch with us:


Training alumni relations

Would you like to get the most out of your international alumni relations? Then take part in our training course:

International Alumni Relations

Promotional material

Education institutions, Dutch embassies and alumni associations can use our logo, flyer and videos.

Holland Alumni network-logo - jpg

Holland Alumni network-logo - png

Holland Alumni network - web banner 971 x120‌ (131.9 kB) *

Holland Alumni network - web banner 400 x 333‌ (134.8 kB) *

Holland Alumni network flyer - You did it!‌ (477.0 kB) *

Holland Alumni network flyer - You did it! (Career in Holland)‌ (486.8 kB) *

For Dutch higher education institutions, embassies and alumni associations the materials marked with * are also available as design files. You can customise these with your own logo, text and images.

Design files are also available for posters, PowerPoint presentations and roll-up banners.

If you need these files, please send us an email at alumni@nuffic.nl.


We have made an introduction video and a video about the Orientation Year Visa. You can see these on YouTube and link to them in presentations.

If you need an mp4 file of the video for storing locally, please send us an email at alumni@nuffic.nl

Grants for alumni activities

Activities for alumni of the Orange Knowledge Programme (or its predecessors NICHE, NFP and MSP) can be awarded. These activites must give OKP alumni the opportunity to strengthen links with other alumni, Dutch knowledge institutions, embassies and other parties. Besides this, they must also be able to share knowledge and experience.

More information on these grants can be found under the Orange Knowledge Programme information.

Talent retention

In addition to managing the Holland Alumni network, we also use other means to retain talent for the Netherlands, such as:

  • HAn-NL
    In November 2017 we launched the Holland Alumni network - Netherlands (HAn-NL): the Dutch association for internationally-oriented students and alumni in the Netherlands.
  • Holland Career Ambassadors
    The Holland Career Ambassadors are an enthusiastic group of international alumni who found their way on the Dutch labour market. They give presentations during events organised by Dutch education institutions or at conferences for international talent and also organise Holland Alumni Career Cafés for international students.

NRF and Nuffic call for South African PhD candidates

1 April 2019
The National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF) and Nuffic have launched the second call for applications for PhD candidates from South Africa. The deadline is 7 June 2019.

Alumni use Dutch knowledge in home countries

10 October 2018
Alumni from Nuffic programmes like the Orange Knowledge Programme translate what they have learnt in the Netherlands.

US: Study in Holland Promotion Tour

1 September 2019 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Study in Holland Promotion Tour
Study in Holland promotion tour with Nuffic representatives.

Russia: Begin Group Undergraduate Fair

21 September 2019 9 a.m. - 22 September 2019 5 p.m.
Begin Group Undergraduate Fair
Student fair with Nuffic Neso representatives and a Holland Pavillion.