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Our vision

Founded in 1952, Nuffic is the Netherlands’ expertise centre for internationalising education – from primary and secondary education to vocational and higher education and research. We believe in global knowledge exchange, international cooperation and the power of education as a means to enhance socio-economic development, equity, self-sustainability, prosperity and peace.

We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by making education and expertise equally accessible for everyone, everywhere. To this end, we support organisations, governments, NGOs and individuals in developed and developing countries

Our global goals for the future:

  1. For students and professionals to gain international experience and become change-makers
  2. For knowledge institutions to collaborate and contribute to the development of knowledge worldwide
  3. Enhance international relations and public diplomacy

Themes we work with

Education is at the core of everything we do. We have strong experience in managing educational programmes, from programmes focussing on the didactical skills of teachers, to curriculum development and training. We specialise in education in relation with the following themes:

  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Security and rule of law
  • Food and nutrition security
  • Water and climate
  • Digitalisation Youth employment
  • Vocational education and training
  • Inclusion
  • Conflict sensitive
  • programming & resolutions for displaced people

Our track record

70 years of experience 65 capacity-building  projects currently  under our management 2,500+ scholarships for  students annually 180+ countries 70 million Nuffic Global’s  annual budget 6 local offices across  the world, HQ in the  Netherlands 16 Global development  programmes

What do we offer?

Education is at the core of everything we do, and this is reflected in every role we take.

We design & manage
We identify opportunities and respond to them by designing concrete solutions. We set up sound management and monitoring systems for programme implementation.

We promote & match
We advocate strong ties between knowledge institutions, public services and the private sector. By matching local demands with Dutch expertise, we bridge knowledge gaps.

We research & advise
We advise on capacity development, collaboration and co-funding opportunities in education. Thanks to our local offices, we can build on knowledge and data to foster excellent opportunities for building sustainable international knowledge.

Would you like to collaborate with us? Send an email to partnerships@nuffic.nl

Our work with the EU

Nuffic serves as the Dutch National Agency for Erasmus+ on behalf of the European Commission. Together with esteemed European partner organisations and the EU Commission, we are dedicated to fostering global collaboration, moving beyond the confines of Europe.

More on our work with the EU


Nuffic has a long history of partnerships with the Dutch government and the European Commission. In all programmes for development cooperation, we strive for sustainable partnerships with lasting impact. With our Pillar Assessed status, we can

leverage EU funds and programmes to ultimately realise our shared goal of quality education for all.

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