Education is the engine of growth, everywhere. Our global development policy is therefore based on strengthening competencies and skills of both individuals and organisations - through education. In the Netherlands, and abroad.

We manage funds for scholarships, group training, partnership projects and alumni events.

With a track record of over 65 years of successful programme management, we’ve reached hundreds of thousands worldwide. We see this as a great starting point for new opportunities, partnerships and programmes.

New partnerships

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships in the international development and education field. Our aim is to improve the capacity of education institutions by setting up solid networks between public organisations and the private sector.

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Our programmes – mostly funded by the Dutch government - are designed to match our government's goals for development aid and education.

In mid-2017 we integrated the successful NICHE and NFP programmes into one holistic approach: the 5-year Orange Knowledge Programme. This programme will reach at least 51,000 people in about 50 countries.

For a number of other public and private sponsors, both Dutch and international, we manage capacity building and scholarship programmes such as the MENA Scholarship Programme, HOPES, DUTEP, Holland Scholarship Programme, and TDECB.