The programme provides opportunities for staff from the Jakarta Capital City government to spend a period in the Netherlands to learn from best practices.

The Indonesian staff spends its time in Rotterdam, the Dutch delta city to receive training and carry out a research internship project at a Dutch host organisation.

Bilateral cooperation

DUTEP is supported by partners from education, business and government. It is implemented by a consortium consisting of the cities of Jakarta and Rotterdam, Waterboard Delfland, Van Oord, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Nuffic.

The programme is a good example of new ways of bilateral cooperation, in which partners from education, business and government work closely together to contribute either in money or in kind to the success of the programme.

Timeline and set-up

DUTEP started in 2014. Until now, more than 74 participants have been trained. In addition, strong partnerships between education, business and government have been built.

DUTEP is designed and coordinated by Nuffic Southeast Asia. The programme is flexible in its set-up: it can be implemented in different sectors, timeframes and countries. An important added benefit is that the programme allows for different funding streams to be combined.

More information

For more information you can contact Nanya Burki, Head of Development & Partnerships at Nuffic Southeast Asia:

Mobile +62(0)81 325064320