This is a closed call.

Deadline for applications

The deadline for applications from Dutch providers is 22 March 11:00 CET.

Open calls

There are 2 open calls for organising a training in Jordan for the following requesting organisations;


For each call a maximum budget of 75.000 Euro is available.

What is a Tailor-Made group training?

This Tailor-Made group training (TMT) is part of the Mena Scholarship Programme (MSP).It means to improve the overall functioning of organisations by training a selected group of staff members.

A TMT can solve knowledge and skills challenges by specifically targeting capacity needs of an organisation in the MENA region.
If your Dutch organisation meets the criteria you can submit an application to be training provider.

Target group and critirea

The Dutch training provider should:

  • agree with the grant obligations & conditions (356.74 kB)
  • have a proven track record of providing training in the requested topic
  • give the training themself, an intermediary organisation cannot apply for funding and is not allowed to give the training;
  • have sufficient organisational and financial capacity, as proven in a COCA form.

If you intend to apply for funding please immediately arrange your COCA as it might take some time. It is valid for one year, so you can also use it for future applications for MSP and OKP. You do not need to fill in a new COCA form if you still have a valid COCA form.

Please use our form: Checklist Organisational Capacity (COCA) (96.48 kB) , and submit your COCA form by email to

How can I apply?

Step 1
You need to submit your training proposal, with the necessary attachments, by sending it to You can find formats for all the documents on this page under ‘Documents’.

A proposal for Tailor-Made Training consists of 4 types of documents, 3 of which are to be prepared in the prescribed Nuffic formats: a proposal form, a budget form and a Checklist Organisational Capacity Assessment 'COCA' (obligatory only for the Dutch providing organisation and only if there is no valid COCA registered yet. Next to these, please add the CVs of all proposed experts to your proposal as well (there is no prescribed format for these).

Step 2
After you have submitted your proposal we check if it is complete, meets the basic criteria listed above and that no information is missing.

Please note that there are 2 types of training; for participants from the same organisation or for participants from different organisations with the same training needs. Please use the correct application form:

  • Joint proposal form (109.55 kB): for participants from the same local organisation. The Dutch training provider and the local organisation jointly formulate a training proposal.
  • Proposal form: for participants from different local organisations with the same training needs. Dutch training providers formulate a training proposal based on the local needs preferably together with a local organisation.

More information regarding the type of training is available on the call page of each country. Please note that in some cases Dutch training providers are free to choose if they develop a training for participants from the same organisation or different organisations with the same training needs.

Step 3
Assessment of the (joint) proposals for Tailor-Made training will be done by Nuffic in consultation with the respective Dutch embassies or consulates. For a detailed overview of the assessment criteria, please refer to the Assessment Explanation.

Step 4
We make a selection and send a grant award to the selected training provider. The selection will be available within 3 weeks after the application deadline , depending on the necessary COCA checks.

Please contact us via email: or call +31 70 4260 203.


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