Deadline for applications

For Jordan: 10th November 2022 at 11.00 a.m. CET.

Participating countries

What is a Tailor-Made group training?

This Tailor-Made group training (TMT) is part of the Mena Scholarship Programme (MSP). It means to improve the overall functioning of your organisation by training a selected group of staff members. A TMT can solve knowledge and skills challenges by specifically targeting capacity needs of your organisation.

If your organisation meets the criteria you can submit an application. If your application is selected for funding we will publish a call for proposals to find a Dutch training provider that can provide the training tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. The training provider will receive a maximum of € 75,000 to arrange a training for your organisation. This covers the fee of the Dutch training provider, the training location, meals during the training and, if applicable, accommodation and travel costs.

Application criteria

Date, location and duration

The training:

  • needs to take place in your country or, if of added value, in the Netherlands;
  • has an average duration of 2 weeks;
  • needs to take place in 2023.

Type of organisations

Your organisation needs to be a:

  • civil society organisation
  • commission
  • education institution
  • governmental organisation
  • non-governmental organisation
  • medium or small enterprise

If one organisation takes the lead, it is also possible to apply for a training of professionals who work for different organisations that have the same training needs.

Focus of the training

There are specific priority areas for each country of the Mena Scholarship Programme . You can find them on your country page. The more your proposal meets the priority areas, the greater the chance that your application is accepted.


Between 8 – 25 participants can join the training, depending on the location. Participants have to be staff members who:

  • work for a local organisation as mentioned above;
  • are a national of, and living and working in one of the MSP countries;
  • are in a position to use the knowledge of the course in practice;
  • do not exceed 45 years of age;
  • work for the same or different organisations with a common training need.


The application has to meet the following requirements:

  • The application is complete.
  • The application fits within the priority themes and target group.
  • The application is signed by a legal representative of the requesting organisation.
  • The requesting organisation is a solid local organisation.

Additional criteria

Visit the page for your country for the specific criteria for your country. If the criteria on the country page are different from the general criteria the country specific criteria apply.

Step-by step application and selection process

Step 1: submit your application

Submit your application by sending a signed application form to You can find the application form on the page of your country.

Step 2: assessment by Nuffic

After you have submitted your application we check if it is complete and meets the basic criteria.

Step 3: assessment by Dutch embassy

The Dutch embassy in your country assesses the application. They score all applications for their country based on local context.

Step 4: selection by Nuffic

The embassies send us their assessment. We then review the applications ourselves. The assessment is based on the overall quality of the application and the answers given to the questions. We make a selection taking into account the ranking based on scores of the applications. The best application per country is selected.

Step 5: finding a Dutch training provider

If your application is selected we publish your application on our website to find a Dutch training provider that can tailor the training to the needs of your organisation. You will be involved in the selection of the Dutch training provider.

Provisional deadline overview


Assessement plus selection of the local organisation will be done in December 2022.

Code of Conduct

When we implement our programme, we acknowledge our Code of Conduct. In our Code of Conduct we describe how we put our mission and values into practice every day. We explain the professional and ethical behaviour that is expected from all of us and those who handle MSP group training.

Read our Code of Conduct