For whom

This call is open for Dutch training providers who:

  • are interested and capable of customising a training for the staff members of Yarmouk University in Jordan
  • have a track record of providing training on organisational development
  • are experienced in Jordan or in comparable countries in the region
  • are interested in giving training in Jordan or if of added value (partially) in the Netherlands
  • agree with the Grant Conditions (356.74 kB)
  • meet the general criteria

About the requesting organisation

Yarmouk University (YU) is a comprehensive public and state supported university located near the city centre of Irbid in northern Jordan. The Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center (RDFMSC) a department within YU strives to utilise scientific expertise to generate knowledge that serves the society and refugees on a large scale, and in line with the YU’s multi-disciplinary methodology and the complex challenges of the modern world. Hence, the Center seeks to proceed in establishing new curricula and to engage with the local communities and refugees in addressing and finding realistic solutions to their issues. The main activities of the centre include Research: Conducting research and studies related to the issues of refugees, displaced persons and forced migration. Training: Providing various training services to refugees and the local community through psychosocial training programs and other various training courses. Projects: Engagement in projects and programs concerned with asylum issues in partnership with community-based and international organisations, in addition to specialised seminars, workshops and lectures in this area.

Target group

The participants of the training will include different stakeholders and staff members of Yarmouk University (YU) including senior researchers, heads of departments, academic professors, volunteers, junior administration staff. 13 females and 12 males are expected to attend.

Topic of the requested training

The training should focus on:

  • Qualitative Research Methodology (QRM)
  • Qualitative data collection
  • Management, analysis and reporting
  • Writing policy papers
  • Monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Combining Qualitative methods with Quantitative methods
  • QRM teaching-learning materials (incl. digital domain)
  • Forecast qualitative techniques/Modelling

For more information check the application of Yarmouk University. (222.18 kB)


75.000 Euro.


22 March 2023 at 11.00 a.m. CET

How to apply?

Find all information on the process of applying and the required documents on the MSP training page.