• There were about 6.3 million international degree students studying abroad in 2020, about 3 times as many as in 2001.
  • The most common country of origin in 2020 was China. International students of unspecified origin form the second largest group, followed by international students from India.
  • The most common host country in 2020 was the USA, with almost 1 million international degree students. The UK and Australia complete the top 3.
  • Of the top 10 host countries in 2020, the UK saw the biggest absolute increase in the number of incoming degree students relative to 2019 (+61,858), followed by Canada (+43,989) and Germany (+35,484).
  • 19,285 Dutch degree students studied abroad in 2020, down slightly from 19,952 in 2019 (-3.3%).

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