Erasmus+ VET students

All Erasmus+ VET students coming to or going from the Netherlands with an Erasmus+ grant.


In the schoolyear 2016-2017 a total number of 6,278 VET students went abroad with funding of the Erasmus+ programme. The most popular destination countries for Dutch Erasmus+ students were Spain (1511), Germany (1246) and the United Kingdom (987).

The incoming VET mobility is significantly lower. In 2016-2017 there were 2,163 students from other European countries who went to the Netherlands with funding of Erasmus+. The most important sending countries are Germany (450), the United Kingdom (405) and Turkey (277).

Studying in the Netherlands in times of corona

29 June 2020
Now that scholarships have been granted for Short courses and Master’s degree courses starting from September 2020, many students are wondering what COVID-19 means for their study in the Netherlands.

International students uncertain about studying in the Netherlands

26 May 2020
Despite the corona crisis, the interest of foreign students to study in the Netherlands is still high. But it is uncertain if they will register for a programme in Dutch higher education.