Education and diploma European Baccalaureate

View the Dutch comparison of the European Baccalaureate diploma. Or download a pdf with more detailed information about the European Baccalaureate education system.

Download the pdf with detailed information about the European Baccalaureate education system:
Education system European Baccalaureate‌ (215.8 kB)

The diploma

European Schools and a number of accredited schools provide multilingual, multicultural education programmes for students aged 4 to 19. The programmes prepare students for the European Baccalaureate and admission to higher education.

European Baccalaureate Certificate

  • Dutch comparison: VWO diploma (NLQF* 4+/EQF** 4).
  • Duration of education: 2 years (third cycle).
  • Type of education: upper general secondary education.
  • Purpose of diploma: admission to higher education.

* NLQF = Dutch Qualifications Framework
** EQF = European Qualifications Framework

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