The e-VALUATE project aims to contribute to more effective policies for the recognition of new forms of online learning in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Project publications

Academic recognition of e-learning‌ (410.6 kB)

Practitioner’s guide for recognition of e-learning‌ (665.1 kB)

Students guide to e-learning‌ (371.0 kB)

Project results

The objectives of e-VALUATE are to:

  1. provide an overview of the current state of play regarding online learning, notably MOOCs and SPOCs. An overview is needed for renewed orientation, given the fast pace at which online learning is developing, including related issues such as quality assurance, credit transfer and authenticity. Special attention will be given to the online and blended learning initiatives for the education of refugees which emerged over the past few years;
  2. undertake a needs assessment of the type of information higher education institutions require for the recognition of online learning;
  3. develop an Online Learning Information Tool for higher education institutions. This Tool offers practical information for the purpose of academic recognition of MOOCs and SPOCs, like information on the status of MOOC providers and examples of good practices that are already in place at European higher education institutions.
  4. include guidelines on the academic recognition of e-learning in the handbooks for recognition of foreign qualifications in the EHEA: the EAR and EAR HEI (e-)manual.

Although the outcomes of e-VALUATE are of broad use for the academic recognition of MOOCs and SPOCs, there is special focus on improving refugees’ access to higher education.

Project overview

e-Valuate ('Evaluating e-learning for academic recognition') runs from 1 March 2018 to 29 February 2020. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Consortium members

The e-VALUATE consortium is composed of the following ENIC-NARIC representatives:

  • NARIC Denmark
  • NARIC Lithuania
  • NARIC Norway
  • NARIC Ireland
  • Nuffic (NARIC the Netherlands)

The Vice-President of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee, KIRON open higher education for refugees and the European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education (ECA) are members of the Project Steering Group.

More information

For more information about e-VALUATE, please contact the project coordinators, Ms Jenneke Lokhoff, Ms Katrien Bardoel and Mr Bas Wegewijs, by filling in our contact form or calling +31 (0)70 - 426 02 60.

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