If you are going to study abroad, the education institution often wants to have information about your Dutch diploma. First ask them what exactly they want.

Do they want a translation of your diploma? Then find a sworn translator. For example, via the website of Bureau WBTV.

Do they want a translation of your marks? Then go to your Dutch education institution.

Do they want an indication of which diploma in the target country the diploma can be compared to? Then you can request a diploma description from us (for a fee).

Apply for a diploma description

What is a diploma description?

A diploma description:

  • states the name of the diploma recipient as well as the most important information about the study programme and the diploma awarded;
  • describes the structure of the Dutch education system;
  • indicates which diploma in the host country the diploma obtained can best be compared to.

A diploma description improves your chances of finding work or gaining access to studies. However, no rights may be derived from the description. The responsible authorities in the destination country may give a different assessment of your diploma.

Diploma descriptions are available in English or in Spanish. Below you can download an example of each.

Diploma description‌ (107.9 kB)

Explicación del diploma‌ (108.71 kB)

Who can apply for a diploma description?

Are you a graduate of a mainstream higher education study programme in the Netherlands, or have you been awarded a VMBO-T diploma, a senior general secondary education (HAVO) diploma or a pre-university education (VWO) diploma? If so, we can provide you with a diploma description.

Costs and processing time

  • Regular application: €96.80 (including VAT) per diploma.
    Processing time: four weeks.

If we are unable to produce a diploma description, we will return the fee you paid, apart from an administration charge of €20.

Do you want to work abroad with a Dutch diploma?

Please visit our page Working in the Netherlands or another EU Country.