If you’re a refugee and would like your credentials to be evaluated in the Netherlands, we will be happy to help. Below you will find a summary of the key information you may need.

Steps towards requesting credential evaluation

To have your credentials evaluated, you need to take the following steps:

  • Step 1:
    Obtain a residence permit;
  • Step 2:
    Receive the ‘Integration requirement notice’ (Kennisgeving inburgeringsplicht) letter from DUO;
  • Step 3:
    Submit a request to the Credential evaluation information centre (IDW) for:
    - a credential evaluation (if you hold documents), or
    - an 'Indication of level of education' (Indicatie Onderwijsniveau) (if you don't hold documents).
    You don't have to pay for these requests.

You need to enclose the ‘Integration requirement notice’ letter with this request.

The IDW will post your credential evaluation or 'Indication of level of education' to you within four weeks of receipt of your request.

Processing of requests

The IDW evaluates credentials according to the principles of the Lisbon Recognition Convention.

Permission to practise your profession

Would you like to exercise your profession in the Netherlands? For some professions you need to get official permission to do this. For medical professions you need to request permission from the BIG register. This applies to doctors, for example. You will often need to sit tests. The costs of such tests are your own responsibility.

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If you do not need permission, your employer will decide whether to recognise your credentials. An evaluation provided by Nuffic serves as a recommendation. Employers are not required to recognise it.

Syrian education system

Compare Syrian diplomas with the Dutch education system.