Our main tasks

As the centre of expertise for the recognition of foreign diplomas, these are our main tasks:

Credential evaluation

We compare foreign diplomas (credentials) to Dutch diplomas in order to identify the level. This is referred to as credential evaluation.


We are the Dutch ENIC-NARIC, the expertise centre for the recognition of foreign diplomas. All EU countries have their own ENIC-NARIC. The task of each ENIC-NARIC is to make sure that everyone in that country follows the Lisbon Recognition Convention. The ENIC-NARICs often work together; together we form the ENIC-NARIC network.

The ENIC-NARIC network was set up by UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

The ENIC Bureau (EB) and the NARIC Advisory Board (NAB) support the management of the ENIC-NARIC network. Jenneke Lokhoff has been the president of the ENIC Bureau on behalf of Nuffic since 2020.

What is our goal?

Each ENIC-NARIC actively promotes and supports fair, simple comparisons of diplomas. We remove unnecessary obstacles that come up when comparing diplomas. We share our knowledge and experience in the field of credential evaluation with our ENIC-NARIC network and beyond. We teach educational institutions how they can apply the agreements of the Lisbon Recognition Convention. This is, after all, an obligation.

Examples of our work


We take part in European projects on credential evaluation and international recognition, and we also organise such projects. This can be, for example, a project on an admission procedure for refugees who have lost their diplomas. To find out more about our international projects, visit our project page.

Providing information

Foreign education systems

To which Dutch diplomas can you compare foreign diplomas? Our web pages about foreign education systems describe the education system and specific diplomas of almost 100 countries.

The Dutch education system

Our web pages about the Dutch education system provide information about this education system.

Assistance Centre for Professional Recognition

Nuffic is the Assistance Centre for Professional Recognition (AC) in the Netherlands. This means that we provide information about the difference between a and a profession that is not regulated. We explain why this is important if you want to work in the Netherlands or abroad.

See our web pages to find out more: