What is a credential evaluation?

A credential evaluation is:

  • a comparison of a foreign diploma (credential) to a Dutch diploma; or
  • a comparison of an uncompleted foreign study programme to (part of) a Dutch study programme.

Your credential evaluation (in Dutch: Diplomawaardering) gives information about the level of your diploma or (part of a) study programme. This can be helpful if you are looking for work or a study programme in the Netherlands. If you are a refugee, you do not have to pay for a credential evaluation.

What do you need for a credential evaluation?

You can only apply for a free credential evaluation if you have the following documents:

How do you apply for a credential evaluation?

You can apply for a credential evaluation on the website of IDW. It usually takes at least 6 weeks before you receive your credential evaluation.

Please note: you can also apply for a credential evaluation if you’ve lost your diploma and/or transcript. Please mention this in your application. You will receive additional questions about your education. With this information, we may be able to give an 'Indicatie Onderwijsniveau' ('Indication of Educational Level'). This is an estimation of the level of your previous education..

Do you want to work or study in the Netherlands?

Please check the following webpages for more information about working or studying in the Netherlands with a foreign diploma: