Call for joint proposals for Tailor-Made Training (TMT) - Orange Knowledge Programme

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Deadline 19 September 2019 – Joint proposals between Dutch training providers and requesting organisations in all countries of the Orange Knowledge Programme.


The requesting organisation must be located in one of the participating countries of the Orange Knowledge Programme.

Country priority theme & focus areas

Please note that there are priority themes and focus areas for each country. Only proposals in those themes and areas will be eligible for funding.

Country Focus document Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (332.6 kB).


The Orange Knowledge Programme Tailor-Made Training is meant to improve the overall functioning of an organisation by training a selected group of staff. A Tailor-Made Training can solve knowledge and skills challenges of its staff, by specifically targeting its capacity needs. They can also be used to train professionals who have a common training need, but who are not staff members of the same organisation.

For TMT a minimum of six participants from the requesting organisation is considered adequate to embed the knowledge gained from the training in the organisation. A Tailor-Made Training course must be carried out by a Dutch training provider.

An organisation from a partner country and a Dutch training provider must jointly formulate a training proposal. The joint proposal must be submitted by a Dutch training provider, potentially on behalf of their consortia.

Who can submit proposals?

Dutch institutions for secondary or higher vocational or academic education or other types of organisations that provide training courses, together with requesting organisations, such as education and training institutions, GOs, NGOs, SMEs.

Available funding

The available funding for this deadline is € 2,250,000. The maximum subsidy is € 75,000 per Tailor-Made Training.

Co-funding for some countries

The Orange Knowledge Programme is a co-funding programme. This means that a contribution (a percentage of total costs involved) from the requesting organisation in the OKP country is compulsory for Lower Middle-Income Countries and Upper Middle-Income Countries (DAC list of ODA recipients). Consult the Country Focus Document Orange Knowledge Programme.

Closing date for submission

19 September 2019, 11:00 am CEST.

Upload documents

Prepare the three documents in the prescribed Nuffic formats: a joint proposal, a budget and a Checklist Organisational Capacity Assessment (COCA; only for the Dutch provider). Please also add the CVs of all proposed resource persons (there is no prescribed format).

  1. Joint proposal form - Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (95.6 kB)
  2. Budget form - Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (41.0 kB)
  3. COCA form - Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (81.9 kB)

Web application Delta

All TMT proposals have to be submitted via our web application Delta. We have prepared a manual to guide you through the application process.

Delta user Manual – TMT - Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (325.5 kB)

You can submit your proposal if you have all the information required for your application complete and ready.

Submit your joint proposal

Avoid submitting your proposal on the last day of the deadline. Documents sent by e-mail will not be accepted by Nuffic.


Assessment of the joint proposals will be done by Nuffic in consultation with the Dutch embassies and consulates. For a detailed explanation please refer to the Grant Application Assessment Explanation which can be found among the guidelines and formats at the bottom of this page.

Grant application assessment explanation‌ (80.4 kB)

General conditions for group trainings

By participating in the TMT programme a Dutch training provider agrees with the terms and conditions stated in the general conditions:

Grant obligations and conditions – group training‌ (371.4 kB)

Do you still have questions? Please contact us via email: or +31 70 426 02 60 (Nuffic Public Information Centre).

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