Calls for joint proposals for Tailor-Made Training Plus (TMT Plus) - Orange Knowledge Programme

An overview of all our calls for joint proposals for Orange Knowledge Tailor-Made Training Plus


All organisations working on proposals for currently open TMT+ and Institutional calls will receive 3 weeks extra time to work on their proposals. New calls released in March will also receive 3 weeks of extra time. Adjusted documents with new deadlines have been published.

Expected calls in Q2 2020

In April we were asked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stop providing grants. This grant stop is now partially lifted. We will partially continue grants for Q2. TMT+ calls planned for both Indonesia and Tunisia will continue as planned. Remaining expected calls are not part of the continuation and will be postponed to a later timeframe. For more information, please check the programme update.

  • Indonesia - Security and the Rule of Law (2 calls)
  • Tunisia - Security and the Rule of Law
  • Tunisia - Food and Nutrition Security

Open calls

Please refer to the guidelines and formats below for all calls for proposals.

Update TMT Plus

In December 2019 we announced changes to the TMT Plus instrument to better fill the gap between 'ordinary' one-off tailor-made training courses and multi-annual institutional collaboration projects.

Read more about the changes

Guidelines and formats - English

Joint proposal form - Tailor-Made Training plus - OKP‌ (111.3 kB)

Budget form group training - TMT plus - Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (43.4 kB)

Delta user manual - TMT - Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (386.2 kB)

Grant obligations and conditions group training Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (301.5 kB)

Grant application assessment explanation - TMT plus - OKP‌ (79.8 kB)

Checklist Organisational Capacity Assessment (COCA) group training Orange Knowledge‌ (88.8 kB)

Please note: Processing a COCA form takes some time. Make sure you submit the COCA form before applying for a proposal. You can submit a COCA form throughout the year, well before any application deadlines.

An approved COCA is valid for a maximum of 1 year and can be used for different applications. You don’t need to fill in a new COCA form for a new proposal if you still have a valid COCA form.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or by telephone at +31 70 4260 360 (Nuffic Public Information Centre).

Guidelines and formats - French

Closed calls

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