Who can apply?

We want to encourage and support the creation of Holland Alumni associations around the globe, so we are providing options for financial support.

Any Holland Alumni associations that have not yet been formalised, in countries participating in the Orange Knowledge Programme can apply for funding.

Please check the detailed instructions for participating below.


You need to complete the following steps:

  • register a Holland Alumni association in your country and open a bank account; please check your local procedures for this;
  • create a board page on the Holland Alumni network where the country’s community is managed (see Country Communities for examples);
  • present an activity plan for 2021. The plan needs to connect to activities of the Dutch embassy and contribute to education and alumni relations in your country in general - see the detailed criteria for the activity plan below;
  • set up connections within the local Dutch embassy;
  • fill in the application form below.

We will assess your application and check that it meets all the requirements listed on this page. If your application is approved, the funds will be transferred and you will be notified.

Activity plan and reporting

Activity plan

In your activity plan you must:

  • describe the activities that you will carry out in 2021, with a schedule of the activities, including dates and the number of persons involved (max 250 words);
  • explain how the activity plan will contribute to establishing and strengthening the alumni association in the respective country (max 250 words);
  • explain how the activity plan relates to activities of the Dutch embassy and alumni relations in general (max 250 words).

The maximum amount per Holland Alumni association is € 2,000. If the budget of your activity is higher, we will only fund a part of it, up to a maximum of € 2,000.

Reporting and communication

We need you to submit a short report after you have finished setting up the association. You also need to share stories, photos and videos of your activities with us. We also strongly encourage you to post your updates in your country community on the Holland Alumni network (HAn). If you haven’t registered here yet, please do so!