Advisory teams

The Orange Knowledge Programme is supported by an Advisory Board and a Sounding Board

The Orange Knowledge Advisory Board

The goal of the Advisory Board is to bring in knowledge and expertise from various international professional fields. The Advisory Board offers solicited and unsolicited advice on the strategic approach, implementation of the programme and the progress of achieving the programme’s outcomes. The Advisory Board meets twice a year.


  • Ms Jet Bussemaker (Chair), Professor of Governance, Science and Societal Impact, Leiden University Medical Center and the Governance Faculty of Leiden University. From 2012 until the end of 2017 Ms Bussemaker served as Minister of Education, Science and Culture
  • Mr Wim Boomkamp, former President of the Executive Board of Saxion University of Applied Sciences
  • Ms Nodumo Dhlamini, Director of Knowledge Management & ICT Services of the Association of African Universities
  • Mr Glenn Pardede, Managing Director at PT East West Seed Indonesia
  • Ms Marije Balt, Founder and Director of SpringFactor research & consultancy, university lecturer and former diplomat specialised in youth employment in Africa
  • Ms Gro Tjore, Deputy Director General of the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)
  • Mr Rob de Vos, former Ambassador to South Africa and former Director General International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

The Orange Knowledge Sounding Board

The Sounding Board is an expert group that consists of representatives of all parties involved in the implementation of Nuffic programmes: participating knowledge institutions, civil society organisations, embassies and alumni and training organisations around the world.

The Sounding Board:

  • contributes to the decision-making process around the implementation of the programme;
  • gives feedback on processes to improve quality, effectiveness, efficiency and communication;
  • can submit agenda items for the meetings of the Orange Knowledge Programme Advisory Board.

The Sounding Board meets 4 times a year.


  • Mrs Geraldine Beaujean - Maastricht University
  • Mr Jeroen Ouburg - Wageningen University
  • Mr Melchior van Benthem - NHL Stenden, Chair of Hogescholenoverleg Internationale Betrekkingen (HIB)
  • Mrs Tjallie Botden-Scheltinga - Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein
  • Mrs Wieke Blaauw - ISS, Board Member Platform for International Education (PIE)
  • Mrs Heleen Andringa - Nordwin College
  • Mrs Mubina Tabassum - MDF Training & Conusltancy, Bangladesh
  • Mr Bikila Teklu - Addis Abbeba University, Ethiopia
  • Mr Leonardo Alfonso - NFP alumnus and senior lecturer IHE Delft

Knowledge diplomacy: the centrepiece of trade

17 February 2020
This March, cabinet members and business and education leaders will join the Dutch Royal Couple on a state visit to Indonesia. While this visit will attract due attention, it is the ongoing ‘quiet’ work of knowledge diplomacy that may have the most sustainable impact on a society.

First institutional collaboration project Orange Knowledge Programme in Iraq

19 January 2020
Dutch and Iraqi education professionals improving skills in water management and agriculture.