Achieving a common understanding of Automatic Recognition in the EHE

Agenda of the peer learning activity on 2 and 3 March 2020 in Hotel Ukraine in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Enic Ukraine

This Peer Learning Activity (PLA) is part of the Erasmus+ Key Action 3 EHEA Reform project "I-Comply", which is geared towards legal and practical implementation with the Lisbon Recognition Convention in the European Higher Education Area.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukrain

The objective of this PLA is to identify strategies and models of good practice to achieve a common understanding of automatic recognition, as well as its implementation in the EHEA. Therefore, different examples will be presented and next discussed by the approximately 25 participants from ENIC-NARICs and other relevant stakeholders. The PLA will be structured around two main questions:

  1. How to reach a common understanding of the concept ‘automatic recognition’?
  2. What strategies can we design to implement automatic recognition in the countries of the EHEA?


2 March

Inaugural ceremony Ukrainian Recognition Network (UaReNet)

Gather at entrance hotel to walk to dinner

Dinner upon invitation by the host at BARVY (Kyiv, 3 Mechnikova Str)

3 March


Welcome hosts - Ms Hanna Novosad, Minister of Education and Science Ukraine and Viktoriya Sergiyenko, ENIC Ukraine

Welcome on behalf project - Tessa Bijvank, Ministry of Education The Netherlands

Introduction Day - Jenneke Lokhoff, Nuffic

Plenary on common understanding of AR:

  1. "Setting the stage": The concept of Automatic Recognition in the EHEA - David Crosier, Eurydice
  2. Council Recommendation & PLA Light - Klara Engels Perenyi, European Commission

Coffee break

AR in HEIs: access versus admission - Allan Bruun Pedersen, Ministry of Higher Education and Science Denmark

Parallel breakout sessions (round 1) on implementation of AR in the national situation

  • Share good practice
  • Identify models of good practice

Lunch break

Parallel breakout sessions (round 2)

Coffee break

Reports & Reflections. Finding agreement on main outcomes

Wrap Up / Closing of the meeting - Tessa Bijvank, Ministry of Education The Netherlands


Anticipated outcomes of the meeting are to identify strategies and identify models of good practice to:

  1. achieve a shared understanding of automatic recognition in the EHEA, and
  2. implement automatic recognition in the EHEA.

‘It's all about the will and confidence in each other's education systems’

6 July 2020
A degree does not automatically give you access to advanced programmes abroad. It often takes a lot of time and money to get a degree recognised, and this needs to be changed.

Nuffic statement about coronavirus

13 March 2020
Message from Freddy Weima, Director-General of Nuffic