Titia Bredée has been Director-General since August 2021.

Bredée was previously chair of Helicon Opleidingen, an organisation for green education with vmbo and mbo-schools in Noord-Brabant and Gelderland. Bredée succeeds Lem van Eupen, who acted as managing director after the depart of previous Director-General, Freddy Weima.

Before she became chair of Helicon Opleidingen in 2018, she was Chair of University of Applied Sciences iPabo. Before that, she worked at Avans University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University, among others. She studied History at Utrecht University.

In addition to her main role, Titia Bredée, is a member of the Management Board of Nether-ER, the representation of the Dutch knowledge community in Brussels.

Ancillary positions

By virtue of or in connection with the position

  • Director, Vereniging Neth-ER (unsalaried)
    November 2021 – present

In private capacity

  • Chair of Supervisory Board, WML Limburgs drinkwater (salaried)
    1 January 2022 – present
  • Chair, VVD local network ’s-Hertogenbosch – Sint-Michielsgestel (unsalaried)
    15 April 2019 – present

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