This can be:

  • Interpersonal violations: unwanted sexual advances, sexual harassment and sexual violence; aggression, discrimination and bullying.
  • Financial violations: fraud; improper use/misuse of resources; theft; tax avoidance and asset management/investment policy contrary to the organisation’s objective.
  • Abuse of power: corruption; conflicts of interest and nepotism; manipulation or misuse/leaking of information.

Prefer to make an anonymous report? Contact one of the internal or external confidential advisers.

How do you use this form?

In this form you give a brief description of the suspected misconduct. You also state the reason why you consider this misconduct to be serious.

Who should you send this form to?

This form will be send to the integrity focal point at Nuffic.

Please note: in some cases, reporting to the client is also mandatory

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs imposes an obligation to report suspected misconduct within activities that receive funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There is a separate report form for this. One of the reasons why the obligation to report is important to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is so that the Ministry can then form an opinion on whether the organisation in question has taken appropriate action in response to a report.

Misconduct report form

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