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Nuffic has 3 regional offices and several project offices that design and manage capacity development programmes , scholarship programmes and knowledge collaboration projects. These activities are funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, the embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and/or other funders.

Our regional offices are located in;

Our project offices - which are handeling single programmes - are located in:

Phasing out of Neso activities

Over the past years up and until 2023, Neso activities will be phased out and in some cases handed over. In 2023, the offices in India and Indonesia are the last offices to carry out Neso activities. These activities will be phased out by the end of the year. The office in Indonesia will remain to carry out other activities for Nuffic. To read more about the Neso developments per country please read this article.

Neso Indonesia

Our office in Indonesia supports knowledge diplomacy in Southeast Asia through networks, programmes and activities that support the quality of education, knowledge development, trade and investment, and social and cultural relationships.

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Nuffic Southern Africa

Our office in South Africa supports knowledge and skills development, as well as knowledge collaboration through capacity building programmes and networks in the region.

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Nuffic West Asia and North Africa

Our office in Jordan regionally supports access and quality of education, as well as development of knowledge and skills through scholarship and capacity building programmes.

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