Make it in the Netherlands!

'Make it in the Netherlands!' strengthens the country's ties with international talent.

Developing stable, long-term relationships with international students will strengthen the Netherlands’ knowledge economy.

With the Make it in the Netherlands! 2013–2016 programme Nuffic coordinates a range of initiatives aimed at:

  1. making all international students feel welcome in the Netherlands and encourage them to start a career here;
  2. having as many international students as possible decide to work in the Netherlands after they graduate from a Dutch higher education institution, especially in sectors with good labour market perspectives;
  3. ensuring that all international students stay connected to the Netherlands after completion of their study programme.

Share your ideas and best practices!

If you would like to send us ideas you have, you can contact the programme manager of Make it in the Netherlands! (Susanne Feiertag), or share your thoughts on Twitter using #MakeitinNL.

Read the full Make it in the Netherlands programme

Make it in the Netherlands programme 2013-2016

Report 2014-2015

Make it in the Netherlands 2014-2015 report(1.4 MB)

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