Branding of Dutch higher education

The Study in Holland logo plays a key role in the international branding of Dutch higher education. Introduced in January 2008, the logo gives the Dutch academic community a unique visual identity in its global communication campaigns.

With a population of 16 million and a gross domestic product of € 42,837 per capita, higher education is well developed in the Netherlands and the research & development sector even more so.

The Netherlands is now the largest provider of English-taught study programmes in mainland Europe with more than 2,100 international study programmes available.

Research has shown that international students choose the Netherlands because of the academic quality and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. By the same token, Dutch higher education institutions value the presence of international staff and students because they contribute to an international classroom environment and a more ambitious culture. This has often been seen to have positive effects on the study behaviour of Dutch students.


The brand and logo were developed to concisely convey the key benefits of studying in Holland. The logo combines traditional symbols of Holland – the tulip and the windmill – with symbols representing higher education and research. The tagline "Study in Holland: open to international minds" captures the international environment.

The brand is used prominently in all media used for the Study in Holland campaign, which Nuffic runs each year to promote higher education in the Netherlands. The brand is also used by the Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nesos), Nuffic’s network of offices in locations strategically important for Dutch higher education.

Use by higher education institutions

The brand is available for use by Dutch Embassies and higher education institutions that are accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) and have also signed up to the Code of Conduct. The Code is a set of minimum standards for the teaching and care that institutions provide to international students in the Netherlands. Misuse of the brand is not tolerated.


Find out more about the use of our Study in Holland logo on our Dutch website. 

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