Van Gogh Programme

The Van Gogh Programme promotes exchanges between researchers. It targets specific research projects and annually supports around 40 researchers from France and about the same number of researchers from the Netherlands.

Scientific development

The programme supports research projects focused on developing science. Often, these projects involve (fundamental) research within a specific field of expertise. This involves the research teams using each other's research facilities, unique collections and archives and specific research methods.

These collaborations can lead to bilateral joint PhD tracks, joint publications in renowned peer reviewed journals and collaborations within an EU context.

Target group

Van Gogh applicants are excellent researchers. They must have an outstanding track record and international exposure. 

Prospective candidates include Veni, Vidi Vici scholars, French and Dutch ERC scholars, Spinoza Price winners, members of De Jonge Academie and their French counterparts. Researchers who are recognised as excellent by their own institution may also apply.

More information about the conditions of the programme and how to apply can be found on WilWeg.

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