Wim Deetman and Rajin Alqalih
Wim Deetman and Rajin Alqalih
Wim Deetman

"I am very grateful for the accuracy with which Nuffic handles the selection of the students and supports them."

Wim Deetman, chairman of the board of trustees of ProDemos, member of the Council of State (2008-2015), Mayor of the Hague (1996-2008), President of the House of Representatives (1989-1996) and Minister of Education (1982-1989).

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

"For over 50 years Nuffic has been a trusted partner of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Amongst other things Nuffic manages various scholarship and subsidy programmes on behalf of the ministry.

In addition to vast experience with programme management Nuffic is characterised by its close ties with the Dutch higher education institutions and active involvement of its offices abroad (Nesos), alumni networks and online communication channels.

With these scholarship and subsidy programmes we present the Netherlands as an attractive study destination, foster outbound mobility, strengthen (bilateral) cooperation between countries and educate talented professionals.

Together with Nuffic the ministry is aiming to educate confident citizens; pioneering thinkers and practitioners, who trigger change through creativity, courage and ambition."

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