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We provide various scholarship management services, as separate components or a complete package.

Is your organisation aiming to attract, train and retain international talent? Are you considering to award scholarships to a specific target group? Our experts in the field of scholarship management will be happy to help.

Do you have a specific question, or are you looking for a tailor-made solution?

Which service?          What do we provide?

Programme development

Formulating criteria and conditions, procedures and applicable regulations
Candidate recruitment      Organising info sessions for intermediaries or candidates
Candidate selection Advising on and assisting with candidate selection,
informing candidates and other parties, and organising award ceremonies
Candidate placement Mediating the placement of, primarily, foreign students in specific
Dutch study programmes
Financial administration Financial administration of the scholarship programme
Monitoring implementation Tracking of results, problem-solving mediation, emergency assistance and social event management
Reporting Final and/or regular client reporting as per client’s requests
Promotion and marketing Promoting the programme worldwide and in specific target countries through our offices in Brazil, Mexico, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, South Africa and Indonesia
Alumni management Alumni of the programme can join our worldwide Holland Alumni network with 60,000 members and will get access to the network's database platform. We can also organise separate events for them and tailor-made activities.
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