The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes are scholarship programmes that aim to help reduce the shortage of skilled workers in 51 countries. All NFP study programmes are offered by Dutch institutions. The MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) aims to contribute to the democratic transition in ten countries and to capacity building within a wide range of organisations.

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How to apply

Information for applicants is published on our Study in Holland website.

Types of study programmes

Dutch providers offer the following types of NFP study programmes: 

  • short courses
    2-52 weeks, in English and sometimes French
  • master’s degree programmes
    9-24 months, in English
  • PhD studies
    partly in the Netherlands, partly in the country of origin
  • TMT (Tailor-Made Training) programmes
    designed to meet specific needs of a requesting organisation in an NFP country

In addition, there are seperate funds for alumni activities.

Priority areas

NFP and MSP are financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the budget for development cooperation. The individual Dutch embassy in each NFP country has its own focus area to support the development goals of the Netherlands in that country. The scholarships are further prioritised as follows: 

  • 35% of the budget is for study programmes in food security and private sector development.
  • 50% of the budget is for applications from Sub Saharan Africa.
  • 50% of fellowships has to be awarded to female applicants. 

The MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) offers around 140 short course scholarships a year to professionals.The scholarships can be used for selected short courses in the Netherlands.

They are distributed proportionally among the participating countries. Ideally, half of the scholarships are allocated to female applicants.

Offering a study programme under NFP

If you would like students to be eligible for NFP funding for your study programme, you can request to have it included in the NFP course list by filling in our contact form.

General documents

Grant Conditions Netherlands Fellowship Programmes and MENA Scholarship Programme (530.6 KB)

NFP and MSP grant application deadlines (50.3 KB)

Short guide for the application and selection process of NFP II and MSP II (455.4 KB)

NFP Country Focus (106.5 KB)

MSP Country Focus (83.7 KB)

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