Nuffic Glossary

The Nuffic Glossary is a list with explanations of terms used in Dutch education.

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graduate (or postgraduate) degree programme; graduate (or postgraduate) degree programme in an academic discipline; WO graduate (or postgraduate) degree programme; master's degree programme; master's degree programme in an academic discipline; WO master's

Most WO master's degree programmes are oriented towards research, but some provide specialised professional training (in medicine and law, for example). Students in the first category expand on the intellectual development achieved during the bachelor's programme, and acquire a scientific attitude as well as research skills and specialised knowledge in their chosen field. Students in the second category prepare for the practice of one of several regulated professions.

In both cases, students acquire the general skills needed for functioning in an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary environment. WO master's degree programmes last one, two or three years, depending on the field.

Source: Report of the Commissie Accreditatie Hoger Onderwijs, 2003.