Nuffic Glossary

The Nuffic Glossary is a list with explanations of terms used in Dutch education.

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master's degree programme

With the introduction of the bachelor's-master's degree structure, Dutch universities and hogescholen are launching a wide variety of master's degree programmes. Often they try to find a different term for each different type. If the distinctions are not essential, however, it is better and less confusing to refer to them in English simply as 'master's degree programmes' and then to explain any special features of the programme in question. A term like 'top master's' might be English, but that does not mean that an English speaker will understand what you mean by it.

The minimum number of study credits needed for a master's degree is prescribed by law. For master's programmes in 'higher professional education' (hoger beroepsonderwijs) and for most master's programmes in 'research-oriented higher education' (wetenschappelijk onderwijs), 60 study credits are need. For certain specialised programmes (e.g. dentistry, veterinary medicine, teaching), more credits are needed, varying from between 120 to 240 credits.

Source: Wet op het hoger onderwijs, art. 7.