Nuffic Glossary

The Nuffic Glossary is a list with explanations of terms used in Dutch education.

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university of applied sciences; hogeschool

A degree-awarding institution which concentrates on the applied sciences, arts and technology, and provides students with the knowledge and skills they will need for professions in specific areas. It is one of the two main types of higher education institutions in the Netherlands offering higher education: universities of applied sciences have study programmes that are more specifically oriented towards professional practice than the more theoretically oriented education traditionally offered at research universities. Internships are an integral part of HBO programmes.

Since January 2008, 'university of applied sciences' is the translation preferred by the education ministry and the HBO-raad. Previously, 'university of professional education' had been the translation preferred by the ministry.

When referring to the two types of higher education institution, call them 'research universities' and 'universities of applied sciences'.

Source: Nuffic, HBO-raad, January 2008.