The central NL alumni network is ending

The central NL alumni network that Nuffic manages will cease to exist this year.

The central NL alumni network that Nuffic manages will cease to exist this year. The underlying reason is that the subsidy for the maintenance of the central network has expired and no alternative funding has been found for a central network. In the future, Dutch outposts abroad will gather data locally. In addition, most Dutch educational institutions will continue to maintain data on their international alumni.

In recent years, the central NL alumni network, managed by Nuffic, has ensured that international students and researchers remain connected to the Netherlands even after their studies or research. Nuffic, together with the parties involved, has been looking for options to restart the central network. Due to a lack of alternative funding, it was decided to discontinue the central network and switch to decentralised local networks. The embassies are expected to play a greater role in gathering and maintaining data and running local networks.

In the coming months, the underlying infrastructure of the central network, such as the database with alumni information and the website for alumni, embassies and companies, will be closed down. In the near future, it will be possible to approach alumni through local networks.

Nuffic regrets the discontinuation of the NL alumni network as a central and international community, while recognising the good cooperation with alumni, embassies and ministries and appreciating the funding of the network by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in recent years.

We would like to thank all alumni for their commitment and enthusiasm when it comes to putting the Netherlands on the map, as demonstrated by their active contributions during trade missions, network events at embassies, career meetings for students and education campaigns in recent years. Nuffic remains committed to supporting good relations with international NL alumni and will continue to work for alumni.

The website of the NL alumni network is now offline. More information regarding the end of the network is available below.
If you would like to stay in touch with your Dutch higher education institution and your fellow alumni, have look at the alumni website of your Dutch Institution.

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