Podcast: finding student housing in the Netherlands

A national action plan was signed last week to combat the glaring student housing shortage in the Netherlands. In a new Nuffic podcast, international students share their experiences.

To reduce the shortage of student housing in the Netherlands, the National Student Housing Action Plan 2022-2030 was presented last week. The action plan should lead to an increase of 60,000 affordable student housing units over the next 8 years.

The four students that participated in our podcast on the subject all managed to find a place to live, yet the search ‘was nothing like I had ever imagined’, admits Anastasia Moustaka, a Greek student at Tilburg University.

During the podcast, Anastasia, along with Lara Koeman (Dutch, Tilburg University), Andreas Bayuseno (Indonesian, University of Groningen), Francisco Guevara (Spanish-Bolivian, Avans University of Applied Sciences) share their experiences and insights on their search for a house, the costs of housing, mixed housing, and the reluctance of Dutch students to open their doors to internationals.

They praise living with international students as ‘one of the best ways to discover the world’.

Podcast participants

“You don’t have to cross borders to get in touch with other cultures, you can do that in your own house.”

The students also share their tips for international students looking for housing and how to avoid scams. The podcast is hosted by Mike Cooper.

Listen to the podcast

You can find the podcast on Nuffic's SoundCloud channel. Listen here.

For more info on studying in the Netherlands, visit Study in NL. For questions or more information, reach out to the Housing Hotline of the Dutch Student Union.