Phasing out three Neso offices by the end of 2021

As announced by Nuffic last year, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science decided to fully reduce the subsidy of the Neso network and agreed upon a phase-out schedule for the network. This means that until 1 January 2024, the various Nesos will be in different stages of activities.

The Nuffic Nesos, in Mexico, Brazil and China, have entered their final phase before definite closure. The front desk activities (attention to students and active promotion of Dutch higher education) have ceased since 1 July this year. Attention to higher education institutions through these offices will end on 1 November. The back office is in the final processes to procure the legal closure will be completed before 31 December 2021.

The Nuffic Nesos in Russia, Vietnam, South-Africa and Korea will end their activities next year, which means that after the first semester they will start to cease activities according to the schedule of the offices above. The offices in India and Indonesia will continue to be open until the end of 2023.

Intensifying the diplomatic network

In line with the Strategic Agenda for Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Education decided to intensify the diplomatic network in the field of education and science in some of the (former) Neso countries.

In case of the first three Nesos to close, an education counsellor will be placed at the Dutch diplomatic posts in China and Brazil. Neso is actively cooperating in a smooth transition towards the new situation. In Mexico there will be no education counsellor at the Netherlands Embassy.

Current Neso activities may be (partially) adapted by the Netherlands Embassy in the country, by Nuffic head office or other parties. However, most responsibility will shift to the Dutch higher education institutions, who may decide to remain active through their international offices or through local representants.

For further information concerning positioning of Dutch higher education, the local education systems and other subjects, please refer to Students can find all information about studying in the Netherlands on 

Please contact Sabine Amft, Teamleader Transition Neso & Alumni (+31 70 4260 260), of the Nuffic Head Office for more information concerning the phasing out of the Neso network.