Phase-out and termination of Neso network

The network of Nuffic Neso offices is being phased out and terminated the coming years. The moment differs per office.
Posted by Nuffic

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Nuffic have agreed on a phase-out schedule for the network of the Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nesos). The phase-out is in line with the government's response to the Interdepartmental Policy Survey on the Internationalization of (higher) education, and the decision of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to phase out the subsidy and to end it as of 1 January 2024. This phase-out schedule takes into account various circumstances per country, including Nuffic's presence for the implementation of programmes such as the StuNed scholarship programme and the Orange Knowledge Programme.

The schedule for the coming years is as follows.

Closure by 31 December 2020 at the latest
Neso Turkey
Closure by 31 December 2021 at the latest
Neso Brazil, Neso China, Neso Mexico, Neso Russia
Closure by 31 December 2022 at the latest
Neso Vietnam, Neso South-Africa, Neso Korea
Closure by 31 December 2023 at the latest
Neso India, Neso Indonesia

The closure of the Nuffic Nesos is accompanied by an intensification by the Dutch government of the diplomatic network in the field of education and science. With changing geopolitical relations, the central government needs to shape its presence abroad in a different, more strategic way, as announced in the Strategic Agenda for Higher Education and Research. For each Neso office, a transition plan is being developed in collaboration between the relevant ministries, Nuffic and any other stakeholders, including with regard to any transfer of tasks to the diplomatic network.

As long as the Neso offices are still open, the service will remain available, but will become more limited as the closing date approaches. Nuffic is doing its utmost to guide the employees of the Neso offices in the coming years.

Nuffic and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science would like to express their great appreciation for the excellent work that the Neso network, in close collaboration with Dutch higher education institutions and diplomatic posts, has done in the Dutch interest over the years.

We will still have a presence abroad in the future. This presence is outside the Neso network and concerns work in the field of capacity building and education cooperation in developing countries. We carry out this work for the EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nuffic staff are now regionally active from South Africa, Indonesia, Benin, Jordan and Lebanon. We will share more information on this shortly.