Nuffic optimistic about Dutch government’s stance on internationalisation

Nuffic is optimistic about the government’s vision on internationalisation of education.

The letter Minister van Engelshoven submitted to Parliament today showed a nuanced stance on internationalisation in senior secondary vocational education and training (VET) and higher education. Nuffic is eager to contribute to the realisation of the Minister’s objectives.

The letter makes clear that internationalisation is more than just mobility and stresses that there is no single model for internationalisation. In her letter, Minister van Engelshoven advocates concrete implementation of internationalisation aims in each programme, institution and sector. Thus giving students and institutions the freedom for optimal implementation according to their needs.

Nuffic supports the Minister’s ambition for each and every Dutch student or pupil to gain internationally-oriented experiences. For that reason, we welcome the increased focus on and the prominence of internationalisation in VET education. ‘The fact of the matter is that international skills are becoming increasingly more important – including in vocational education’, says Freddy Weima, Director-General of Nuffic.

The letter also stresses the importance of international and intercultural competences and language skills to students and teachers. As such, it provides relevant starting points for a vision on internationalisation in primary and secondary education.

We are also pleased with the additional focus on recruitment and retention of talent and on the added value of a national alumni strategy. Finally, the letter also demonstrates a great many links and a great deal of common ground with the Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation policy document recently presented by Minister Kaag.

Share your successes and good ideas with the entire education sector

15 January 2019
From newspaper editorials to the vision memo of the Minister of Education, the internationalisation of education features more prominently than ever on the public agenda.

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