Toolkit for the admission of refugees without documents

Publication date: Nov 28, 2016 03:45 PM
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In The Netherlands, many higher education institutions are unfamiliar with procedures regarding the admission of refugees without documents. The ‘toolkit for admission of refugees without documents’ helps these institutions to get started.

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The toolkit was developed by a consortium of four higher education institutions and EP-Nuffic, upon request of the taskforce Refugees in Higher Education.

What is included in the toolkit?

In addition to an explanation of the legal framework that regulates admission of refugees without documents in Europe and in The Netherlands, the toolkit contains three instruments:

1. A flow chart describing the tasks and responsibilities within the institution

2. An interview format for the admissions office

3. An interview format for academic staff

Who is the toolkit for?

Dutch higher education institutions are responsible for their own admissions policy. The toolkit is intended as a guide for institutions that do not have a procedure for the admission of refugees without documents or that want to revise their existing procedure.

The instruments in the toolkit can be adapted to the specific needs of the institution and the context in which admission is carried out.

Where can I find information and advice?

The complete toolkit is available upon request or via EP-Nuffic’s online Admissions Portal (only accessible for Dutch higher education institutions with an account). For further information or advice about the admission of refugees without documents to higher education, please contact Katrien Bardoel, senior policy advisor EP-Nuffic.

How was the toolkit developed?

From June to September 2016, the consortium met twice to develop the toolkit. Members of the consortium are the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, The Hague University of Applied Science, Tilburg University, Leiden University and EP-Nuffic. Preliminary versions of the toolkit were discussed during the national meeting of Dutch admissions officers.

Taskforce Refugees in Higher Education

The taskforce Refugees in Higher Education was created in September 2015, in response to the large increase in the number of refugees in The Netherlands. The taskforce consists of the Foundation for Refugee-Students UAF, EP-Nuffic, the Dutch Ministry of Education, ECHO and Dutch universities/university umbrella organisations.

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