Skills for the future: a research agenda

Publication date: Jan 19, 2017 11:40 AM

Recently, EP-Nuffic contributed a chapter on international skills to the research agenda developed by the Skills-platform. Skills are of major importance to people, influencing success in their career, in society and their wellbeing.

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At the moment, however, we know little about how and where children and adults acquire (international) skills, what variations or similarities there are in learning various types of skills and what helps in developing and retaining skills.


Therefore, the skills-platform, a group of researchers of universities and institutes brought together by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, presents a skills research agenda. ‘Skills for the future’ offers an overview of the current state of skills research and priorities in the yet unanswered research questions.


This public research agenda inspires researchers, institutes and commissioners of research to gain more knowledge and insight into skills. It prioritises questions such as: When can advanced skills best be taught and at what level? What is the importance of self-regulation and how do people learn this? How can international skills be effectively integrated in learning goals, pedagogical interventions and examination?

The ambition of the skills-platform is that in the future, truly new insights into skills will be gained from long-term cohort studies.

Skills for the future: a research agenda (in Dutch):

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