Nuffic Neso Brazil moves to São Paulo

Publication date: Jun 24, 2017 12:40 PM

This summer, Nuffic Neso Brazil will be moving from Brasília to São Paulo. The new office, shared with Campus France, is located in the heart of the city. Under a new set-up, Simone Perez will replace director Ellen Bijlsma, who returns to the Netherlands, to head a small team of 3, which will start in São Paulo on 22 August.

Thanks to this relocation of funds Nuffic is able to invest in other regions, for example in Neso South Africa. Our Education Promotion Department continually assesses how and where to allocate investments around the world, to best meet the needs of Dutch higher education institutions.

A more strategic location

The new location will take us closer to Brazil's largest student market. It will also be easier for the team to strengthen ties with top Brazilian universities, the local media, sister organisations like Campus France and DAAD, and Dutch companies. We expect to receive more Dutch higher education institutions and are ready to offer them tailor-made services.

A market with potential

Nuffic Neso Brazil sees a lot of potential in the Brazilian market. Student mobility to the Netherlands is still growing. Our mobility statistics show that this academic year saw an increase of 12% of fully enrolled Brazilian students and in 2016 more than 1,000 student visas were issued. This popularity is not only a result of the Science without Borders programme, but also of the growing market position of the Study in Holland brand.

Strong branding

The strength of Study in Holland is noticeable, for example, during education fairs and webinars, with more and more well-prepared students reaching out to Nuffic Neso Brazil. Another sign of the growing popularity of the Netherlands as a study abroad destination is this year's record number of applications for an Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS). We received nearly 1,000 qualified applications and disbursed more than 50 scholarships.

These successes and positive developments will facilitate our new phase in São Paulo. Our small and experienced team is available to share our knowledge about the Brazilian market and support your efforts to attract students or academic partners.

Contact us

Please contact us via info[at] if you have any questions, ideas or if you are planning to visit Brazil.

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