Nuffic appoints two new Neso directors

Publication date: Jul 27, 2017 01:46 PM

Nuffic has appointed two new Regional Directors for Nuffic Neso Indonesia and Nuffic Neso South Africa. Peter van Tuijl will head Neso Indonesia, and expand Nuffic’s work in Southeast Asia. Mervin Bakker has been appointed as Regional Director of Neso South Africa.


As of 1 August Peter van Tuijl  (1958) will join the Nuffic team in Jakarta. With extensive experience in an international environment, Peter’s knowledge of Indonesia and strong connections in the area will be a valuable asset to Nuffic.

In various positions, Peter has worked to strengthen democratic governance, rule of law, and security. From 2000–2007 Peter worked as civil society expert with the UNDP-led Partnership for Governance Reform and as a Senior Technical Advisor for a project of the United States Department of Justice to combat corruption in the Indonesian National Police. From 2007 Peter served as Executive Director of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), at the Global Secretariat in The Hague. Earlier, Peter worked with OxfamNovib, and the International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID).

“I look forward to using my expertise in building on the strong presence of Nuffic in Indonesia and to make use of the growing demand we see from Indonesian students and institutions for studying in and cooperating with the Netherlands. Promoting student mobility, scholarship programmes like StuNed, and developing new services will be among the key areas of my activities."

South Africa

Mervin Bakker (1973) joins Neso South Africa from Neso Indonesia where he was Regional Director since 2011. Before joining Nuffic, Mervin worked in various senior positions within the education sector, including for the University of Amsterdam and in Thailand. His network and proven track record of enhancing Nuffic's services mean he is the ideal appointment for Nuffic's first office on the African continent.

Last year, Mervin worked on an assignment in South Africa to formulate Nuffic’s ambitions in Southern Africa. That made him enthusiastic for the role. "There are a lot of opportunities to intensify cooperation with the Netherlands in higher and vocational education in South Africa and beyond. My first focus will be on firmly establishing our Neso office in Pretoria and to use my expertise in giving an impulse to our work on  student mobility, a new South African-Dutch PhD scholarship, and capacity enhancement projects."

New service desks

New services for both offices include a Study in Indonesia desk and a Study in South Africa desk for Dutch students who aspire to study or pursue a work placement. Both desks are due to open in 2018.

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