New European recognition report published

Publication date: Jul 04, 2017 02:55 PM

The FAIR report is the end result of the EU-funded project 'Focus on Automatic Institutional Recognition' (FAIR) that started in January 2015. It contains recommendations to further improve the recognition of foreign qualifications in Europe in the framework of international student admission and selection.

Advancing the Bologna process

The report enables higher education institutions and policymakers throughout Europe to advance the Bologna process and the integration of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

About FAIR

The aim of FAIR was to improve the recognition procedures at 22 higher education institutions in 6 European countries. After a baseline assessment, the participating institutions received tailor-made recommendations to enhance their procedures.

Valuable insights

The project yielded valuable insights on day-to-day recognition practice at higher education institutions and on the impact of national recognition structures. These insights are reflected in the report and illustrated with concrete examples.  

FAIR report(1.7 MB)

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