'An enriching and eye-opening experience'

Publication date: Nov 03, 2017 09:40 AM

This week (30 october-3 november) the Amsterdam International Waterweek/Aquatech takes place. This conference is attended by water professionals from all over the world. Pan Ei Phyu from the Myanmar Maritime University in Yangon is one of the students attending the conference. She was invited by Nuffic.

Since 2015 Maritime University is involved in one of the 2 capacity building projects funded and facilitated by Nuffic. In this project there is collaboration between TU Delft, Deltares, Unesco IHE with engagement of the Young Expert Programma (YEP) through the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

Pan Ei Phyu, representing the Myanmar Maritime University, presented the solutions for the case of the Dala-township in Yangon. She and a group of Dutch and Myanmar students and professionals of mentioned companies have been working on lately.

Dala case

Dala is a township of Yangon situated across the Yangon River. Rapid urban development is expected in the coming years, in which Dala township will play an important role given its perfect location.

Why did you choose to learn more about water management?

"I live in the Yangon Delta where we have lots of challenges like heavy rain in the rainy season and extreme drought in the dry months. We are urgently in need for good solutions. With my gained knowledge I hope to contribute to that.”

What have you learned from this project?

The collaboration between Myanmar and Dutch students, young and senior experts was very special. To speak and discuss solutions with experts, local council and also senior Holland Alumni, was an enriching and eye-opening experience to me. In Myanmar we are not used to be involved in projects like this and share ideas in a very open way. This experience has made me proud. Very proud to feel able to contribute to a solution for my own country.”

In the case you have explored possible solutions. Which one do you think will be best?

“The area consists mostly of rice fields and there are some low-dense urban sites. The people of the town cross the river by ferry. The first plan is to construct a bridge over the river. This will be a huge advantage. The current floodings during the rainy season will remain a challenge where we don’t have an answer for yet.”

What is your ambition for the future?

“If possible I would love to gain more knowledge about water solutions. To study abroad, that would be a dream come through. But if that’s not possible, I would be very proud to work in Myanmar and contribute to seek solutions in water related projects.”

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