Lem van Eupen acting director of Nuffic

Lem van Eupen will be acting director of Nuffic as of 15 April. Lem is currently director of the National Agency Erasmus+.
Lem van Eupen

Freddy Weima, the current Director-General of Nuffic, was appointed chairman of the Dutch Association of Primary Schools (PO-Raad). He will start his new role at the PO-Raad on 15 April.

Lem van Eupen is appointed as acting director. Lem is currently Manager Europe at Nuffic. She has been director of the National Agency Erasmus+ since 2016.

Transition period

Careful recruitment of a new Director-General takes some time. Therefore, the Supervisory Board has decided to appoint an acting director from the time Freddy leaves until his successor starts. The RvT is very pleased that Lem van Eupen will take on this role.

Anne Flierman, currently a member of the Supervisory Board of Nuffic, will act as advisor, sounding board and sparring partner of the management team at the request of the Supervisory Board in the bridging period. Anne will also be able to act as an ambassador for Nuffic. Anne Flierman will suspend his membership of the Supervisory Board for this task.

Bert van der Zwaan, on behalf of the Supervisory Board: "We are confident that under the leadership of Lem van Eupen and with the advisory role of Anne Flierman, the organisation will be able to continue on its present course in the interim period.


The Supervisory Board has started the process of finding and appointing a successor to Freddy Weima. We will publish the vacancy on our website as soon as it is posted.