Recognition of foreign qualifications in times of COVID-19

Reflection document published about how to handle disrupted mobility and admissions.
Icoon document

What is the effect of COVID-19 on the recognition of foreign qualifications? A recently published reflection document provides perspective on the effects of COVID-19 for the ENIC-NARIC Networks and their stakeholders. Effects like disrupted mobility and admissions, recognition of disrupted learning and its impact on policies and procedures.

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The 57 ENIC-NARIC centres work closely together to improve the policy and processes for the recognition of diplomas. We are the Dutch National Academic Recognition Information Centre and the Dutch representative of the European Network of Information Centres.

To support international mobility of students and workers it is important that recognition of foreign qualifications is done smoothly. If the process is fast and transparent this can help a university attract students. This is why we are continuosly working with Dutch and foreign partners on projects to improve the process.

‘It's all about the will and confidence in each other's education systems’

6 July 2020
A degree does not automatically give you access to advanced programmes abroad. It often takes a lot of time and money to get a degree recognised, and this needs to be changed.

Measuring and comparing learning outcomes in Europe

9 March 2020
Calling academics and their institutions to participate in European project.