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PODCAST: Our People Abroad, Episode 5: South Korea

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Students from South Korea are sometimes shocked by Dutch culture, says Jungyoon Yang, Chief Representative at Neso South Korea.
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Jungyoon Yang’s fascination with The Netherlands started with a Japanese professor of hers who was an expert in 17th century Dutch art and literature. After visiting The Netherlands herself for the first time, she was intrigued by its dedication to values like freedom and tolerance, she tells journalist Mike Cooper in the fifth episode of Nuffic’s podcast series Our People Abroad.

'No shame in failure'

Now, an expert on Dutch art and literature in her own right, she heads the Netherlands Education Support Office in South Korea. During the interview, Yang – who studied in Japan and The Netherlands – talks about her journey from art academic to Nuffic officer, and how Dutch culture has shaped her identity. “In The Netherlands, I learned that there is no shame in failure”, Yang tells Cooper in the 35-minute interview.

Because of her background and knowledge of Dutch culture, the Chief Representative of Neso South Korea understands like no other the experience of South Koreans studying in The Netherlands. Especially the lack of hierarchy in the Dutch education system comes as a shock to them, she tells Cooper.

Other topics discussed during the podcast are activities organised by Neso South Korea, the importance of building trust, and how Dutch students can benefit from spending part of their study in South Korea.

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