Week of the International Student Podcast #1

PODCAST #4: The benefits of an international experience

"Being an international student is more about learning about yourself"
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Recorded during the Week of the International Student at Royal Tropical Institut, Amsterdam
Jef Stapel
2 minutes

Why should you go abroad during your studies? What doubts do students have, what are the benefits, and what makes an international experience all worthwhile in the end?

For this year’s Week of the International Student, we record four podcasts at Dutch education institutions. We receive different guests, each with their own international experience, who share their best memories, weirdest encounters and most difficult challenges. In about 30 minutes, listeners get useful advice from school staff and lively stories from hands-on experts: international students and Dutch students who ‘have been there’.

Sharing these experiences will inform - and just might encourage – other students to go abroad too.


Listen to the first episode, recorded just before the Week of the International Student at Leiden University. Listen to Turkish student Taner explain how he thought he was mature enough to handle his own life, until he left his country to study abroad and came to the Netherlands ...


Listen to the second episode, recorded during the Week of the International Student at MBO College Airport. Internationalisation Coordinator Luisa Prando explains how helping youngsters experience cultural differences can change the world, while student Kirsten tells us that after arriving to Australia she didn't feel in the right place at all. After two months she wanted to stay for ever.


Listen to the third episode, recorded during the Week of the International Student at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in an auditorium full of students. Romanian student Bogdana explains that for her, the hardest part of being abroad was managing her independence. And what does Spanish professor José Bonal mean by the 'spicy food attitude'?


Listen to the fourth episode, recorded on the last day of this year's Week of the International student at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. "Being an international student is more about learning about yourself", says Indonesian student Delphine, "Before you can be a changemaker, you have to know yourself."

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