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Accomplishments in South Africa
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Neso director Mervin Bakker on internationalisation from a global perspective
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Internationalisation is looking for new frontiers, according to Mervin Bakker, Director of the Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso) in Pretoria, South Africa. Bakker should know, because promising new projects in this country are certainly pushing boundaries. Amid water shortages and other challenges, Nuffic brings together people, cultures and innovative ideas.

Podcast series

In the first episode of Nuffic’s new podcast series Our People Abroad, journalist Mike Cooper talks with Bakker about his life in South Africa, the importance of innovative internationalisation, recent accomplishments of Neso, and what surprised Bakker most about his new hometown of Pretoria, after having spent the previous six years in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Global presence

In this sit-down interview, Bakker also elaborates on the role of Dutch students and engineering companies in coming up with new ideas to confront Capetown’s severe water shortage. Then there is the Co-Create My City project, in which Dutch and South African students work together in finding innovative solutions to city-specific challenges. The outcome will be presented this November, with people in high office planning to attend.

“Our accomplishments show that the global presence of Nuffic in general, and our local presence here specifically, is truly adding value”, Bakker tells Cooper. “On the ground in South Africa we can realise things that cannot be realised from afar.”

Listen to the first episode of Nuffic’s podcast series Our People Abroad.

Nuffic's response to the interdepartmental policy research on internationalisation

9 September 2019
Nuffic is pleased with the confirmation of the great value that the government attaches to internationalisation for education, science, society, the economy and the labour market.

NRF and Nuffic call for South African PhD candidates

1 April 2019
The National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF) and Nuffic have launched the second call for applications for PhD candidates from South Africa. The deadline is 7 June 2019.

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