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Jungyoon Yang Neso South Korea (square)
2 minutes
PODCAST: Our People Abroad, Episode 5: South Korea
TMT in Jordan
Jeroen Langelaar 7 minutes
When the sky is the limit
Regional Collaboration
Jeroen Langelaar 12 minutes
The paradigm shift in development cooperation

Unlocking local knowledge through collaboration

AUEU opening
6 minutes
'Help transform Africa to the Africa we want'

Africa-Europe Conference on Higher Education Collaboration

Week of the International Student 2019
Jef Stapel 2 minutes
PODCAST #4: The benefits of an international experience
Illustration evaluating online credentials
Mike Cooper 6 minutes
The credentials challenge for online learning
Jerke Verschoor Neso Russia
2 minutes
PODCAST: Our People Abroad, Episode 3: Russia
Team van Nuffic en Neso India
Jeroen Langelaar 12 minutes
Mission to India: 'Let's continue joining forces'

Triple Helix collaboration to promote exchange between The Netherlands and India.

Jeroen Langelaar 10 minutes
‘What we eat matters – collaborating in producing it even more!’

An interview with Kenyan food science expert Prof. Daniel Sila

Geraldine Beaujean (photo: Marcel Bakker)
Jeroen Langelaar 15 minutes
Six essential learnings for education & training in crisis situations

'I have learned it is extremely important to be on the ground.'

Jerke Verschoor, Neso Russia
Jeroen Langelaar 10 minutes
10 years of exchange between Holland and Russia
Anwesha Majumder, Neso India
2 minutes
PODCAST: Our People Abroad, Episode 2: India
Koen Yap
Mike Cooper 15 minutes
'Capacity building is all about recognising a win-win situation'

Country Programme Manager Tjay Koen Yap retires from Nuffic

Holland Alumni at event in South Africa
10 minutes
Southern African Holland alumni jointly tackle water-energy-food challenges

'Regional cooperation and international expertise are key to solving challenges'

Participants of WCDI's short courses
15 minutes
'Improving the livelihoods of people brings more stability'

Sustainable development impact – an abstract concept put into practice

Mervin Bakker, Neso South Africa
2 minutes
PODCAST: Our People Abroad, Episode 1: South Africa
A delegation from the Universitas Indonesia visits Nuffic in The Hague
Jeroen Langelaar 10 minutes
‘Now the world gets to know what happens in Indonesia’

How collaboration boosts Universitas Indonesia’s expertise

Nuffic required to scale back its activities drastically
2 minutes
Proposed ministry decision on Nuffic task portfolio

KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Kopisusu Fotografie
Mike Cooper 10 minutes
Life-changing learnings

Annual report Orange Knowledge / Individual scholarships

Institutional collaboration in 2018
Mike Cooper 10 minutes
Partnering to build education

Annual report Orange Knowledge Programme 2018 / Institutional collaboration

Group training in 2018
Mike Cooper 10 minutes
More people trained, more impact

Annual report Orange Knowledge Programme 2018 / Group training

Alumni events & refresher courses in 2018
Mike Cooper 10 minutes
Keep in touch with the Dutch

Annual report Orange Knowledge Programme 2018 / Alumni events & refresher courses

Students in Benin reviewing their books
Mike Cooper 20 minutes
Co-creating real social and economic change

Annual report Orange Knowledge Programme 2018 / General overview

12 minutes
Largest Orange Knowledge collaboration project kicks off in Ethiopia

Woman on tractor
4 minutes
Best practice - Better crops by growing smarter farmers
Brain drain
3 minutes
Brain drain
Noah Wanebo
1 minute
Student digs
Internationale studenten
3 minutes
More international talents stay in the Netherlands