Mapping Internationalisation (MINT)

MINT (Mapping Internationalisation) is a tool for self-evaluation and benchmarking. You can use it to develop and manage internationalisation policy at your higher education institution, faculty or programme.

You can also use it to compare your internationalisation activities with those at other faculties or institutions.

Why use it?

You can use MINT for a quick scan or for a detailed analysis. The tool enables you to:

  • get an overview of your current internationalisation activities;
  • set a clear internationalisation profile;
  • develop an internationalisation policy and objectives supported by a checklist;
  • establish improvement plans;
  • prepare for a visitation or for accreditation.

Information on the new academic year

On 28 August 2017, MINT will be closing to allow for the comparison reports to be made and to prepare the transition to the next academic year. This will take one week.

If you have entered a sufficient amount of data in MINT, you can request a comparison report between yourself and other institutions or programmes. You can send your request by email to and . Please note the deadline for this is Friday 25 August.

A comparison report is only possible if representatives of both programmes or institutions agree to it. We recommend that you contact staff of the other programme or institution, so you can both approve the comparison request. Please have your contact person also send an email to the above-mentioned addresses.

After receiving both emails, we will create the comparison report, which will be ready on 15 August. We will send you a notification, after which you can download the report.


  • 25 August  - deadline for sending in comparison requests
  • 28 August  - MINT closes
  • 1 September - reports are ready, you will be notified
  • 1 September - MINT opens for the new academic year

Please if have any questions, but please note that during summer, especially from 14 July to 14 August, our office will be less staffed than usual.

If you have have urgent questions during that period, please send your question to as well as the address. We will do our best to provide an answer as soon as possible.

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